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Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa – SBCI is a nonprofit organisation that, by teaching English as a foreign language, aims at promoting the socioemotional and professional development of teenagers and adults who find themselves in a situation of social and economic vulnerabity, so that they can turn their lives around.

SBCI was founded in 1934 and, since 2007, has devoted its efforts exclusively to teaching English without any charges, providing high-quality courses to teenagers and adults. Our students are associated with more than 50 NGOs and philanthropic entities that play a vital role in the most populated communities in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In our Educational Centre, SBCI offers both three-year courses (basic-level courses) and six-year courses (intermediate and advanced courses), taught by highly qualified professionals. The organisation also boasts fully equipped classrooms, with cutting-edge technological resources applied to foreign language teaching. All the pedagogical material that we use is provided to our students free of charge.

Since 2007, more than 12,000 scholarships have been granted. In the last three years, SBCI has been sustaining an impressive average of 3,200 students in courses of different levels.

Our social responsibility programme is entirely financed by resources that come from SBCI itself. These resources derive from solidly managing real estate and movable property, which were acquired throughout the organisation’s 84 years of existence.

With the right human and material resources, SBCI contributes to the development of a considerable part of the population of Rio de Janeiro. Our efforts consist of fostering self-esteem, technological inclusion and social integration, thus enabling a better professional and cultural qualification of each student that comes to us.

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