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Teaching staff

A Hands-on TeamThat Keeps its Faith With the Mission

The Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa Education Centre boasts a qualified staff that ensures the maintenance of the structure offered to students, keeping it always up and running, along with the first-class standards of the classes.

Our team of teachers is made up of 18 regular teachers and 2 monitors – skilled young professionals who are ready to provide students with a pleasurable English experience in a dynamic, interactive and extremely appealing way. Our teachers are graduated in English and Portuguese Languages from the best universities in Rio de Janeiro. All teachers had had some experience before working with us, teaching either at private courses or at public schools and courses at affordable prices.

All the teachers are given training that aims at developing their strengths and adapting their skills to the Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Inglesa’s methodology and teaching standards.

Chief Executive Officer
Luiz Carlos Malta

Operations Manager
Roberta Terziani

Assistant Communication Assessor
Bruno Boller

Assistant of Operations
Fernanda Azevedo

Administrative and Financial Manager
Gilson Pinto

Coordinator of Human Resources
Ana Lucia Schiatti

Assistant Human Resources
Ana Lucia de Mendonça Huguenin

Financial Assistant
Eni Burack
Renata Lima de Carvalho

Administrative Assistant
Rozenir Magalhães

Administrative auxiliary
David Dutra
Isabella Mendonça

Coordinator of Information Technology
Francisco Maciel

Assistan Information Technology
Erick Costa dos Santos

Coordinators Administrative
Fátima Brazil
Luciana Coelho

Secretarial Assistants
Felipe Ramos
Jéssica Cunha

Assistants for Operational Services and Caretakers
Alexandre N. Santos
Cleiton Leandro da Costa
Eunice Neide S. Meato
Flavio Luiz da Silva
Maria Karine Moraes
Paulo Pinheiro
Rafael Vieira
Ricardo de Souza Silva

Real Estate Consultant
Walder Ferreira

Academic Manager
Ana Paula Gasparini

Academic Coordinators
Akemi Iwasa
Raquel Dantas
Camila Pereira

Assistant Teachers
Alexandre Daudt
Caio Neves
Gabriela Mourão
Rachel Delphim

Ana Olivia Saldanha
André Saidy
Camila Chaves
Carmen Mello
Carolina Manoel
Daniela Torres
Elayne Bispo
Gustavo Montes
Henrique Meirelles
Isabela Fontanella
Isadora Garcia
Karen Dodde
Laura Pires
Leandro Lopes
Luisa Cesario
Martha Cabral
Miriam de Jesus
Mônica Borges
Patrícia Simoens
Renata Teixeira
Roberta Camera
Shirley Rodrigues
Simone Conde
Talita Pereira
Valéria Barros
Victor Reis
Victor Viana
Vipsâmia Alves

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